Kilimanjaro Climb

Every year, KI organizes a climb to the summit of Africa as a way to raise awareness on social issues that affect young women and men in underserved communities in East Africa and throughout the world. The climb themes have included:

  • 2006 – First Climb / General Issues
  • 2007 – Youth Unemployment
  • 2008 – Election Violence
  • 2009 – Climate Change
  • 2010 – The Power of Sport
  • 2011 – Sustainable Dev.
  • 2012 – Africa UNite to Say NO To Violence Against Women and Girls
  • 2013 – Uniting Youth from Different Continents

KI has now assisted more than 400 climbers from 50 countries to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, including youth leaders, victims / survivors of crime, reformed criminals, members of civil society, United Nations officials, Public Sector Reps, CEOs, celebrities and journalists.

The KI climbs have brought together women and men from all walks of life, uniting them beyond their backgrounds, as they attempt to overcome a single adversity and reach the summit of Africa.

Interested in participating on KI climbs or would like KI to help you plan a meaningful ascent?

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