About the Kilimanjaro Initiative


The main objective of the Kilimanjaro Initiative is to encourage young people to have self-belief and to assist in providing opportunities that will enable them to take on a constructive role in their communities. As a key feature of its activities, the initiative organizes an annual ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain on the African continent.

The climb exemplifies how sport can be used as a tool towards the development of a community. It does so by bringing together various urban stakeholders, including young people and representatives of the private and public sectors. The mountain reminds participants that in order to overcome difficulty they must understand their environment, unite as a team and persevere.

In addition to creating a very positive spirit of change, the Kilimanjaro Initiative raises funds for community projects Safer Cities Programme programmes in Kenya and Tanzania. These projects focus on the role youth groups, with their local knowledge, skill and practical experience, can play towards the physical, economic and social development of their communities.

Overall, the Kilimanjaro Initiative seeks to be part of a synergy, including other organizations and individuals, which can help provide opportunities for young women and men, and hopefully prevent those at risk from falling into criminal activities. KI strongly believes it can play an important part in the development of communities in East Africa and beyond.

Kilimanjaro Initiative has so far garnered support from: United Nations Humans Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT); United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP); United Nations Office of the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace; Kenyan and Tanzanian authorities; United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU); private individuals and other public/private partnerships and organizations at the local and national level. Kilimanjaro Initiative shall continue to build on this support and looks forward to creating new partnerships.

Our inspiration

At 5,895 meters above sea level, Mount Kilimanjaro is not only the highest summit on the African continent but also the highest free-standing mountain in the world. This majestic mountain offers us a symbol in overcoming hardships and helps us deliver a message of hope. Many KI climbers have come back down this mountain changed...


IT and Project Officer
Aspire and Inspire

Every man dies but not every man lives! Experience is a good school but the fees are so high. At times, our inner-fire goes out, but can then burst again into flames because of an encounter with another. KI helped me discover that life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well.

Kilimanjaro Initiative is aimed at inspiring all of us, especially the young women and men living in informal settlements (I grew up Kibera). Many tend to think that they have been abandoned by God; many believe that those who have it all are just a lucky few, no more deserving than they are. The causes of poverty are exhaustive and complex, and yes - they are unfair. But this doesn’t mean one should give up.

Many of my friends who grew up in the slums of Nairobi hold empty dreams, believing their aspirations are too far removed from their everyday hardships. True – but sometimes the scope of these goals is unrealistic.

Through KI, expect to find out about real life experiences from persons who have fought hard in their lives and who have reached the unexpected, through determination. These young women and men, sometimes former offenders/criminals or victims/survivors of crime, all have a story to tell – their stories, their lives – and inspire us to never give up, to aspire and to reach our own dreams in a constructive and positive manner. The purpose of KI is to give them a platform and for us to draw strength towards our own daily struggles. Never let that fire burn out!

We take this opportunity to thank all KI members and friends for their continued belief in KI objectives. Above all, it reminds us that mutual support is paramount to individual performance.


To reach out to youth in Kenya and globally through sports inter alia, thus promoting reform and transforming them into agents of positive change, thereby enabling them to positively contribute towards sustainable community development and offering them opportunities for self-development.
To become an organization that is widely recognized in the field of urban safety development, and respected for being all-inclusive, active and innovative as it develops and competes (with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency) a wide range of youth-based community activities in Kenya, East Africa and beyond.
Demonstrating and encouraging just, respectful, tolerant and responsible citizenship, with the understanding that safe and well-to-do communities are not assured commodities but require active, altruistic and continued participation from all residents and urban stakeholders. Through effort, perseverance and self-determination, everything and anything is possible.