The 2018 climb celebrated KI's 12th annual climb and continued to underline how young women and men play a vital role in the positive development of our communities. As for each of its annual climbs, KI selected ten young women and men from Kenya, Tanzania and the USA to take part in a 10-day youth leadership camp at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro and will walk with them to the summit of Africa. The young persons were selected through partner organizations in their respective countries and they all share a common thread: They have had to fight to do good in their communities, either by being positive role models and working with their peers; or by overcoming social challenges that had lead them into various hardships. The climb has 3 main purposes: To organize an incredible experience that will not only inspire the youth taking part in the adventure, but also their friends and fellow organization member back home; to create a platform where youth can exchange ideas on social development and from where thy can reach their aspirations (many past youth climbers have gone on to get scholarships or gained employment) ; and to raise awareness and funds for KI youth-based and youth-owned community projects.



April Beezer

18 years old, USA

April is 18 years old and grew up in East Harlem, New York, USA. Following a difficult up-bringing, during which April has thought many personal and academic challenges, her participation on the KI climb by Avenues for Justice. April is keen to put her troubled past behind her, and become a leader for constructive development in her community. She looking forward to travelling to Africa and believes climbing Mt Kilimanjaro will give her greater self-confidence to reach her goals.
Sharon Wamboi

18 years old, Kenya

My name is Sharon Wambua and I am 18 years old. I was born and raised in Kibera slum, Nairobi. I went to Jack academy for my primary school and Kibage secondary school. I sat for my Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2013 and 2017 respectively. I like Kibera because of the simple life and people living there are of the same standard. What I don’t like is the issue of insecurity but I believe people can have a second chance to change in life. I have been working with various school clubs in Kibera in tackling the issues affecting girls such as drug abuse and early pregnancies. The biggest challenge has been poverty and lack of school fees although I managed but it was not easy. Our support group ensures we tackle the issue of mental health. I am a beneficiary of the KI Psycho-Social Support Program, initiated to help my fellow youth to cope with post-traumatic stress. The project has helped me a lot. I want to be a youth leader in my area. My biggest achievement was completing my secondary education without a baby.
Jane Muthoni

23 years old, Kenya

I was born and raised in Mukuru Kwa Njega on Eastern side of Nairobi. I am 23 year old, mother of two - 8yrs and 2yrs old. I went to Baptist primary school Lunga lunga and later joined CTC Chaminary training school in Mukuru slums (Eastern side of Nairobi) for a tailoring course which lasted for one year. I am a member of Sisal youth group where we have different activities including garbage collection, rental houses, toilets for hire and water kiosk which acts as an Income generating activities for the group. Currently I play for AMSHA football club based in Kwa Njega slums, Nairobi. I hate violence in the slums which most of the time leads to rape and drug abuse. If I was given an opportunity I would change the environment and provide clean water for my community. I think I have a responsibility to play in changing the community by being part of the community. Although I am a victim of early pregnancy I am motivated by my sons. Apart from playing soccer, I coach under-14 years and also support dream girls club by encouraging young girls to stop early pregnancy.
James Njoroge

20 years old, Kenya

My name is James Njoroge, a 20 year old boxer from Trinity Boxing Club supported by KI in Kibera. I am the assistant captain and a photographer and help in taking photos for the club’s photography income generating activity. I don’t have a professional background of photography but I just gained interest and that is what motivates me .I went to primary and secondary in Kibera but I was not able to further my education since my parents were not capable to pay for my college fees. I also do manual jobs to support my family. Kibera is a good place but the rate of crime makes me not to like it so much – crime in Kibera is because of the unemployment. I believe there is a lot of potential and we can change Kibera by involving youth in boxing and other sports. I have influenced young people to join boxing and many have developed an interest in photography.
Samia Lemfadli

23 years old, USA

Samia is 23 years old and lives Brooklyn, New York, USA. Following a difficult childhood, Samia has been living alone since the age of 18 and fighting her way in society to do good. Following a joint-class at the General Assembly with former US youth climber Anthony Pegues, she decided to put forward her application for the climb. Samia has held a number of jobs, as well as dreaming of creating urban farms to make New York neighborhoods more sustainable. Samia wants to climb Mt Kilimanjaro to empower herself and others.
Jane Akinyi
Jane Akinyi

20 years old, Kenya

I am 20 years old and I was born in Siaya County, Kenya. My parents are alive and neither are employed. In our family, we are five children and I am the 4th born. I sat for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KSCE) in 2017 at Senator Obama Kogelo secondary school and looking forward to further my studies. I am willing to study Economics in case I will proceed with my education. I joined Sauti Kuu Foundation set up by Auma Obama in 2013. Since then, I have been given a platform to use my voice during open microphone (a session where young people use their voice to build their confidence), to express myself in a constructive way. I have been able to build my confidence through this platform and can now express myself confidently. I believe that this climb will provide me the adventure that I have been longing for in my life. It will pose the best challenges in my life. It’s been a dream to go out of the country and this chance will make a dream come true.
William Juma Onyango

21 years old, Kenya

I am 21 years old and live with my family in Alego, Siaya County, Kenya. In our family, we are six children and I’m the last born. I sat for my national examination, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2017 at Barding Boys High school and scored an average grade of C+. Earlier on in 2013, I stayed at home for two years without going to school because my parents couldn’t afford to pay my school fees at Kibos Secondary School in Kisumu. In 2015 my aunt took me to Barding High school at form two level where I proceeded with my education up to form 4 level. Now am looking forward to joining university in September 2018 to study electronic engineering. I am very glad for this opportunity to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro since it will enable me to socialize and interact with new people and learn new ideas while there. Besides, I will also learn about the climate, topography, creatures and cultures of different people. This trip will provide me with an avenue for positive life experience which I look forward to share with other young people at Sauti Kuu Foundation.
Glory Stewart

22 years old, Tanzania

My name is Glory Stewart a.k.a happy, and I am 22 years old .I was born in Marangu hospital and I come from Marangu village which is on the foot of MT. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. I am a Christian. I went to school in Marangu Mazoezi Primary School from 2003-2010 up to standard/class 7 and later from 2011 I went to Darajani Secondary School where I completed Form 4 in year 2014 . From year 2015 I joined College of Business Education CBE in Dodoma up to year 2016 when I dropped due to having a baby and not being allowed to return to the school. I work closely with Rotary club of Marangu, a partner of KI, and I say thank you for supporting me and giving me this opportunity in life. I want to be a team leader in my community and change my community to be much better.
fredy Nyange
Fredy John Nyange

23 years old, Tanzania

My name is Fredy John Nyange and I am 23 years old. I was born in Kilema Hospital and grew up in Marangu village. I am a Christian and believe in God. I joined Samanga Primary School, Marangu in 2001 up to Standard 7 where I completed in year 2010. 2011 I joined Olaleni/Usery Secondary School and completed form 4 in 2014. After school I went to a driving school in 2015, later completed in 2016. I felt I needed to have knowledge in computer and I got a support to do introductory course on computer in 2016. Since then I have been driving 14-seater vans famous as Dalla Dalla (public transport) in Tanzania.
Shakila Omulisia
Antony Ochieng

24 years old, Kenya

I’m Antony Ochieng from Kibera. I attended my primary and secondary Education in Kibera. Getting my education was not easy because I was raised with a single mother who did not have any jobs. She was hustling up and down for us (I and my other four siblings) to have something on the table for us. Due to lack of money for my primary education at some point I dropped out of school for two years until one Good Samaritan whom was a pastor in our area decided to cater for my education until end of primary school. Going to secondary was also difficult but thanks to God for my academic ability and a scholarship which catered for my education until the 3rd year in high school, when my school principal was transferred and I had to drop out of school. Life became harder, I joined some gang and ended up in jail. I begged for forgiveness in court and I was let free and told to go back to school. During my preparation to sit for my final exam I lost my mother, my only parent, who was everything to me but I decided not to go back in the dark days. After my exam I and my close friend decided to start a group of performing arts and transforming youths , the group is called Kibera Reformation and Transforming Centre.
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