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New York/Nairobi, 20 February 2014 – 2014 is getting off to a flying start for a group of 10 community sports organisations in Kenya, who are all partnering with Fight for Peace (FFP).

Through their “Global Alumni Programme” (GAP), Fight for Peace has been working since June 2013 to support these Kenyan community-based organizations (CBOs), who together make up the Kenya Fight for Peace Alumni Group. Fight For Peace first flew them out to Rio de Janeiro for a week’s intensive training and have since been supporting them ‘remotely’ (over Skype, email and phone) from their base in London, as well as visiting all the organisations in September.

This support is now receiving a major local boost. Fight for Peace has signed an agreement with Kilimanjaro Initiative (KI) to provide on-the-ground, day-to-day consultancy to help build these, the 10 Kenyan CBOs, who are all delivering or developing boxing & martial arts programmes alongside personal development and education.

Fight for Peace and KI have been working closely together throughout 2013, with KI providing pro-bono coordination of the GAP group, using its local networks and contacts to connect Fight for Peace with grassroots CBOs in Kenya.

The agreement marks the first time that Fight for Peace have employed someone outside of its London or Rio bases. The local level work will strengthen and reinforce the remote consultancy provided by Fight for Peace trainers.

KI, a well-known Kenyan NGO, was set up by UN worker Timothy Challen after he was shot in the leg in Nairobi during a robbery. Instead of seeking revenge, Mr Challen decided to use the experience more positively, setting up an NGO to support and develop young people in Nairobi living in situations of poverty and unemployment. Working mostly in the huge informal settlement of Kibera, KI run a number of youth development programmes, often working in partnerships with other NGOS. KI’s flagship project identifies potential young leaders from disenfranchised communities in Kenya and around the world and unites them for a challenging climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, first taking them through a 10-day training camp to build their leadership and team-work skills.

The work with Fight for Peace will be carried out by KI’s Sports Coordinator, Sadique Bilal Issa, a former professional footballer for one of Nairobi’s top teams:

“I am excited to work for such an outstanding organisation delivering amazing programs that are changing young peoples’ lives all over the world. I am looking forward to a great working experience, learning new things and giving my best contribution to make the GAP program a big success in Kenya.”

The new agreement between KI and Fight for Peace means that a full time coordinator will be working intensively with the GAP Kenya group, supporting the emergence and strengthening of local Boxing & Martial Arts programmes in and outside Nairobi. Working closely with the trainer, Mr BiIlal will be giving intensive support that will give selected organisations a unique opportunity for a step-change in their work during 2014.

GAP Programme Manager, James Baderman, described the significance of this development:

“We are so pleased to have KI and Sadique as part of our work. Sadique is our first ever recruit outside of Rio or London so we’re excited about how this can really add something extra to what we’re doing in Kenya. What Sadique is doing will help us learn more about how we can best support local organisations longer-term”.

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